online kickboxing


On March 23rd, 2020 everyone’s lives changed.

Some lives changed forever.

Some, just temporarily.

As a Martial Art school owner, like so many other Business owners during this time, we have had to adapt or risk losing our business.

As someone who always tries to find the POSITIVE in all potentially negative situations, one of the positives we had was timing. Had this happened ten years ago we’d all struggle but thanks to technology, some of us have been able to limp through this.

One of the other POSITIVES in all of this is an increase in time. At least potentially. From running around four nights a week teaching kickboxing and martial arts at our Windsor, Ascot / Sunninghill, Bracknell and Wokingham schools, suddenly we find ourselves with more time on our hands. Time that was very quickly put to good use in planning, coordinating, developing, marketing and of course teaching classes… just in a different way.

And (quality) time spent with the family doing things that we might not otherwise have considered doing had we not found ourselves in this ‘Lockdown’ situation.

During ‘normal’ Blaze Martial Arts running time, we have over five hundred students that train with us on a weekly basis. Venturing over to our four venues from as far and wide as Binfield, Warfield, Maidenhead and Slough.

Another positive for us is that with ONLINE Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes we are suddenly able to offer classes to anyone from anywhere in the country. Even the world. All they had to do was ‘LOG ON’. Suddenly we have found our kickboxing and martial art presence touching the whole country and we now have ‘students’ training with us from as far north as Milton Keynes and Norfolk.

And thanks to studying an extensive background of fighting styles over the years such as Karate, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, The Keysi Fighting Method, Mixed Martial Arts and Ground Fighting, we have been able to teach a much wider range of online classes than we otherwise would have been able to, helping keep students engaged for longer.

So, despite the unfortunate situation, we all find ourselves in, and despite missing a lot of things about the freedom we all take for granted, focusing on the negatives IS a negative. Instead, try and find something POSITIVE to focus on and we’ll all come through this stronger and better for the experience.