Normally I tend to favour big name brands such as Venum, Title, Twins and Top Ten as I know the products they sell are well made, offer excellent support, great protection and are built to last.  You see, everything wears out eventually and this is even more true in the ‘Fighting World’ when equipment gets pushed to its max, over and over again, so when I was contacted by Lucah, from Elite Sports and asked to review a pair of boxing gloves I was sceptical.  However, Lucah was going to supply me with the gloves for free and just wanted me to write a blog about them in return.

Within a few short days the gloves arrived which is a big deal as students want things quickly so if anything takes more than a few days to arrive that’s one potential supplier I cross off my list.

At first glance the gloves looked cool.  I loved the fluorescent colour which made a great contrast against the black background.  Looking at their website they have a huge selection of colours which I like.

The gloves felt solid and well made. They were a good weight and fitted snugly which is important.  I train and fight with a pair of Venum gloves and the Elite ones didn’t seem to have as much padding inside as my Venum ones however, in the defence of the Elite gloves, my Venum ones cost almost three times as much, so it’s probably to be expected.

In use, the gloves were light and comfy to wear.  I found they got quite sweaty and the inner material didn’t do quite as good a job as my Venum ones do at soaking up the sweat, but again the Elite gloves aren’t quite in the high end Venum league… in my opinion.

In defence, they absorbed impact well which is important, and the Velcro strap remained tight and secure.

In my professional opinion, the Elite range of Boxing glove are an excellent ‘entry to mid-level glove’ and perfect for anyone just starting out or looking to make the jump up to the next level of their training.

I’m just in the process of crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s with Elite sports and together we’re looking to make Blaze Martial Arts a distributer of Elite Sports Equipment very soon, so watch this space.