Standing Order Payments & Cancellation of Training Fees Information

Training Fees

Monthly training fees are divided over a 50 week period which allows for a two-week break over the Christmas holidays. Members are not charged for the two weeks that the school is closed for at this time of year.


There will be an annual renewal fee for each student’s martial arts insurance due on the anniversary of their joining date.

Standing Order Payments

With over 700 members training on a weekly basis, the easiest method of payment collection is via a standing order mandate set up directly to Blaze Martial Arts.

This has proven to be the simplest and most convenient method of collecting payments for both the academy and our members. Unlike Direct Debit payments, a Standing Order cannot be amended, increased or cancelled by anyone other than the account holder and for this reason, it is the most secure method of payment transfer for our members.

Cancellation of Training Fees

If for any reason you need to stop your training, either permanently or temporarily, then it is the sole responsibility of the student, parent or guardian to cancel their standing order mandate with their bank. Blaze Martial Arts have no influence over this action.

You are required to give a month’s notice of your intention to cancel allowing us time to cancel or suspend (depending on the circumstances) your membership and insurance with the school.

Blaze Martial Arts are unable to refund or credit back any member that fails to cancel their standing order mandate.