Kickboxing Bracknell


In 1969, a young unknown martial artist wrote down the following goal:

“I will be the highest paid Oriental superstar in the United States. In return, I will give the most exciting performances and render the best quality in the capacity of an actor. Starting in 1970, I will achieve world fame and from then onwards, till the end of 1989, I will have in my possession $10,000,000”

A bold goal to set for the average martial artist however this person was no average martial artist. His name was Lee Jun Fan, although we all know him better as Bruce Lee.

Despite his untimely death in 1973, he achieved world-wide fame just four years after setting his goal with the launch of the movie ‘Enter the Dragon’. He actually died 6 days before the premier of the movie. To date, Enter the Dragon has grossed over $200 million worldwide.

Did he achieve his goal? – You bet he did!

This is a very special time of year for us all as we can now look back over the past years successes and challenges and look forward and plan ahead for the next twelve months.

The New Year is a great time to set your own goals for the future and if you haven’t already given it some thought, now is the time to decide on the things you would like to accomplish this year.

  • How are you going to better serve your friends and family? What new opportunities are you looking forward to?
  • What goals and ambitions are you going to set for yourself‘?

No matter what your age, get into the habit of goal setting now because carrying out such a simple thing will focus your mind and allow you to implement plans to ensure your goals are achieved, instead of just working blind.  Imagine trying to drive to Penzance without directions. How will you ever get there?

Why not give it a try, after all most of us spend more time planning our annual holiday than we do our future.

  1. Draw a box on a blank piece of paper and divide it into four quarters
  2. Tile each quarter into the following headings: Personal, Professional, Family, Financial
  3. Write down something that you realistically want to achieve in each area (achieving the splits might be a good one to consider in the personal box for your martial arts training!!!)
  4. Set an approximate and realistic date for achieving each goal
  5. Break each goal down into sub goals if they are particularly large and set dates accordingly
  6. Detail precisely what you need to do in order to achieve each goal
  7. Finally display these goals somewhere prominent so that you will see them on a daily basis

There you have it. Something so simple, yet potentially so powerful. Hopefully we’re already helping you to achieve some of your life goals and ambitions and if we’re not or could do more to help, then please let us know.

Remind yourself that everything you have ever achieved in life was at first a dream, a thought or an expectation.

Take the time to jot down your dreams as by doing something so simple, makes them more achievable.

Enjoy the process and until next year, we hope to help make some of your dreams come true.

In the meantime, have fun, enjoy your training and most importantly enjoy your life.