Or rather… ‘Don’t KICK before you can STAND’!

We had someone come down recently for a trial lesson in our ‘Kickboxing Beginner Class‘ and in an attempt to get the most out of the experience, this newbie student insisted on training in the ‘Advanced Level’ class as well.

He then came back for his second free trial the following week and did exactly the same.

All this student did, whilst training in these higher intensity ‘Advanced Level Martial Arts Classes‘, was complain as to how tough the classes were, and how he couldn’t perform the advanced level drills and techniques that we were doing.

Once his FREE trial period was over, and subsequently he then needed to sign up in order to continue his training, he made some excuse about needing to think it over and never returned.

If something is too tough, it only takes a short time before it becomes un-enjoyable.  If something becomes un-enjoyable, we stop doing it.

I’m all for people pushing themselves but remember — ‘Don’t run before you can walk’.  Or rather, ‘Don’t attempt a ‘Jumping Spinning Hook Kick before you have even mastered the stances’.

Developing any new skill is hard.  On average, most students don’t make it past their first six months.  It’s my belief, however, that they would last much longer if they were to only give themselves a ‘fighting’ chance.

Our dedicated ‘Adult Beginner Martial Art Classes’ are purposely designed to develop the basic foundations in a student as it’s these foundations that will carry you through your training life.

As a beginner, new to this type of training, don’t be in any rush to learn it all on the first night. It won’t happen and you’ll lose motivation and then you’ll quit.  Instead, make it your mission to really develop your basic foundations during the first six months of your training, at least.  By studying any new skill, you are investing in yourself, and the time you dedicate to doing that will pay off massively in the long term.

Any advanced level student will tell you, it’s the BASIC techniques that matter and in any ‘Fighting Art’, you will rely on the basic techniques the most should you ever need to put your training to the test.

I’ve been studying Martial Arts for over 33 years and I’m still trying to master my Jab, Cross.  Speak to any Martial Art Instructor and they will tell you the same thing.

So, by all means, train in the higher level sessions if you really want to but appreciate that…

  1. They are designed to be tough.
  2. You will struggle through them, regardless of your ability level.
  3. When you feel that frustration starting to kick in because it IS tough, understand that it’s going to be at this level and don’t let that be the start of that downward spiral that eventually leads to you quitting because you just can’t do it.

Far better, instead, to move up to the Advanced Level Classes because you’re finding the Beginner Level Classes too easy. That’s the only way you are ever going to nail those Jumping Spinning Kicks and get that starring role in the next Martial Arts Movie Blockbuster – which is what this newbie student was hoping for!