Kickboxing and Martial Art classes in ascot

We’re opening our doors again for the first time in seventeen weeks, tonight.

Our Ascot Kickboxing and Martial Art club is a Black Belt Academy and Family Martial Art school

Along with our Ascot school, classes also run in Windsor, Bracknell, Sunninghill and Wokingham. They are perfect for Kids and Adults.

Everything we teach at our Ascot school is based around a MIXED martial art syllabus. These classes are based on Kickboxing, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Ju-Jitsu.

We also study Muay Thai Boxing, The Keysi Fighting Method, Self Defence and Reality-Based training.

All our kickboxing and martial art classes focus on cardio and conditioning. The benefits of this include weight loss and fat burn as well as an increase in energy and stamina.

While training in our kickboxing and martial art classes in ascot, you will also develop self-esteem and self-confidence

And of course make some new friends… all while developing life-enhancing skills and learning how to defend yourself.

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Kickboxing and Martial Art classes in Ascot.