Grading night.  If you don’t normally train on this night then your grading will take place in next time (check the Event Calendar to find out when).  If you turn up you won’t be allowed to grade so check you’re eligible to grade if you’re not sure.

Little Ninja Grading Times — 5:30pm (arrival 5.25pm)

All Juniors 1 & 2 Kickboxing students to arrive for 6:00pm (arrival 5.55pm)

All Teen & Adults Kickboxing students to arrive for 7.30pm (arrival 7.25pm)

Please note: if you miss your name call you will miss your grading.

FULL Uniform and belts need to worn in order to grade.  No belt / uniform = no grading.  This applies to adult, Teen and junior students.  It takes us around one week to order in belts and two weeks to order in uniforms so be sure you allow yourself enough time if you need to order anything.

Check the Grading Syllabus in the MEMBERS AREA of this website to see what you need to do — e-mail if you don’t have the latest password.  If there’s anything you’re not sure about, make sure you allow yourself enough time to check with an instructor and practice.

Junior kickboxing & martial art students — you WILL need to know the STUDENT CREED and PRINCIPLES of BLACK BELT along with their meanings for your belt level.  You can download a copy in the Members Area.