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Our ‘Beginner Classes’ are aimed at teenagers (from thirteen years) and adults of any age.  Our oldest student is sixty five!

We have a great mix of men and women of all ages, of all sizes and of all abilities and although they all have their own reasons for training with us (weight loss, fat burn, get fit, tone up, get stronger, learn a new skill, achieve a black belt, make new friends etc.) each one of them has the same simple goal in mind… to have some fun.  After all, if you don’t enjoy what you do, you won’t stick at it.

Our ‘Beginner Class’ focuses on having LOADS of fun and at the same time building your ‘Core Foundations’.  It’s like building a house.  If you build a house on top of strong foundations it will go on to weather any storm and keep you safe and protected forever.  If, however, you build a house on top of weak foundations… it will eventually crumble.

And so it is with the fighting arts.  The foundations that you develop at the start of your journey are key to your overall success and enjoyment and will carry you through for many years to come.

Therefore, our ‘Dedicated Beginner Classes’ are designed to introduce you seamlessly into the incredible world of ‘Kickboxing and the Martial Arts’.  Plus, we run all year round so you can join at any time.

Here you will learn the ‘Three Major Stances’, when and how to use them, and how to transition quickly and easily between them to best distribute your weight for maximum balance and effect.

You will also learn how to move correctly (footwork) with explosive speed and agility to both launch an attack (or multiple attacks) and to avoid being attacked.

You will learn how to punch effectively, using your whole body to generate maximum speed and power in every attack you make. 

We will teach you how to kick… and in particularly, how to kick well (there is a difference).  Chief Instructor, Justyn Billingham is an acknowledged expert on kicking and stretching having taught seminars and written several books on the subject, as well as a regular monthly column for the No.1 Martial Arts Magazine in the UK, ‘Martial Arts Illustrated’, for over ten years.

And so, finally you will learn how to confidently defend yourself against an attack, be it an actual attack in the street or a simulated attack in the training hall, so you can choose to either deflect it or simply avoid it altogether.

What to expect

A typical class consists of a gentle ‘warm up’ combined with ‘conditioning exercises’ to help strengthen your body, tone your muscles and develop your core.  Martial Artists are some of the most rounded and fittest athletes in the world due to the training they undergo so get ready to join the ‘Sporting Elite’.

You’ll then be taught how to ‘stretch correctly’ to help improve your overall flexibility – a crucial part of your training and development, especially when it comes to kicking.  Everything you learn at this stage of your training can also be done easily and safely in the comfort of your own home should you want to practice what you have been taught or just get even more out of your training.

After the warm up and stretching is complete you will work through some ‘simple but incredibly effective drills’ with a training partner.  If you come alone, don’t worry… we’ll match you up with someone else of the same level.  We’ll supply everything you need -- focus pads, punch bags, kick shields, Thai pads, etc.  All you have to bring is yourself.

All of our beginner classes are ‘non-contact’ which is really important in the early stages of your training.  If you decide later that you would really like to experience the thrill of ‘Sparring’ (controlled fighting) and really test out your skills you can do this in our ‘Advanced Training Class’ that follows every beginner session (at no extra cost). 

However, Sparring is a purely optional part of your training and we have a great number of regular students, young and old, that get everything they want to out of our ‘Beginner Sessions’ and so are happy to remain having fun in this class with no intention of ever dipping their toe in the actual ‘Fighting Arena’.  Please note, we regularly enter competitions so if you fancy experiencing this amazing side of the martial arts then you can.  Or you can just support your fellow fighters by joining our ‘cheer leading’ team!

And of course, you are welcome to enjoy your training with no pressure whatsoever, or you can embark on your journey towards that much coveted Black Belt -- if you desire.  It’s your choice. 

And if you do decide to begin working your way up the grading ladder, unlike some other schools, it’s completely ‘FREE of charge’ with us.  You will never (ever) pay to take a coloured belt grading for the complete duration of your time with Blaze. 

And, we also fit the gradings around you, so that you’re never inconvenienced.

If you have already watched the ‘Intro Video’ on the Home Page then what are you waiting for?  Simply CLICK HERE to book your first FREE taster session at a ‘Blaze Martial Arts’ school near you and start that life changing journey in the incredible art of Kickboxing and the Martial Arts.

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