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How to live your dreams

Posted on in Miscellaneous

According to my very first white belt certificate that takes pride of place on my gym wall, I started training in the martial arts back in 1986, some twenty eight years ago.

Things were a lot different then.

There was no fast track to Black Belt. 

No training in t-shirts.

We couldn't even roll the sleeves up on our white suit. 

And there was certainly no no separate classes for adults and kids.

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The Quick Quiz of Life

Posted on in Miscellaneous

Try to answer the following questions:

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This SIMPLE but incredibly effective training drill will help you to develop your balance and leg strength which in turn will MASSIVELY improve your kicking.

Do it EXACTLY as explained in the video.  Don't cheat and you'll be thundering out those multiple kicks in no time.

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The Spinning Hook Kick

Posted on in Kicking Techniques

The Spinning Hook Kick is one of the 'coolest' kicks in the Martial Arts.

In this short video I'll show you how to throw it for speed and consequently increase your chances of it actually landing

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Grading Rules 5

Posted on in Kicking Techniques

With the next wave of gradings looming.

Here are some Grading Rules to follow....

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