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Does anything last forever?

Posted on in Miscellaneous

Nothing lasts forever.

This sudden thought flashed into my mind as I sat at Las Vegas airport patiently waiting for my flight to come in to take me back home again.

The four days away had been great.

So great in fact that I really didn't want to come back.

Not yet anyway.

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Here comes the summer

Posted on in Martial Arts

The summer is a great time of year for everyone.

The sun’s out....

... Well some of the time

The days last longer.

Summer holidays to look forward to.

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Eat what you want and lose weight

Posted on in Miscellaneous

I smiled to myself while casually reading all the false promises made by many of the popular ‘Health & Fitness’ magazines that line the shelves of a high street newsagent chain I recently found myself in.

Beach Body in just six weeks

20 minute Six Pack

Do these same training plans cater for the twenty stone, fifty inch waisted, kind of coach potato I wondered?

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Help us achieve something incredible

Posted on in Miscellaneous

It's always hard trying to get passionate about something that someone else is passionate about, when you're not. 

It happens to me a lot. 

I regularly get contacted by people and asked to donate to this, that or the other charity, event or great cause. 

I used to donate to everything. 

Mainly because I felt I should.

Because I didn't want to be THAT person that serves the local community but won't put their hand in their pocket when asked.

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How to pass your coloured belt grading

Posted on in Martial Arts

A coloured belt gradings is a simple stage check designed to ensure a student is ready to move that one step closer to their big day -- their BLACK BELT GRADING

If a student struggles through a coloured belt grading, they certainly won't pass a black belt grading.

As a Black Belt Grading costs around £200.00 and is SIX hours of non-stop, mentally and physically draining hard work we want to ensure that each and every student is on track to achieve their Black Belt when their big day arrives.

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