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How to develop the BOX splits

Posted on in Martial Arts

“How do I develop the BOX splits?”

This is probably the one question that I am asked all the time and after twelve years of being constantly asked it, I’m very pleased to be able to finally tell you how....

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Technique of the month January 2016

Posted on in Martial Arts

Welcome to my latest Blog ‘Developing The SPINNING Kicks’ -- as featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

In this Master Class workshop we’ll look at taking your basic kicks to the next level.

Keep hold of these workshops so you have the complete kicking routine at the end.

In order to get the best out of your kicking, be sure to follow all the kicking drills that we’ll cover in this workshop.

If you miss any, simply contact me.

In this Blog we’re going to look at 'The Spinning Axe Kick'.

Make sure you warm up properly before you start.

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Here comes the summer

Posted on in Martial Arts

The summer is a great time of year for everyone.

The sun’s out....

... Well some of the time

The days last longer.

Summer holidays to look forward to.

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Happy Birthday Blaze -- 16 years old

Posted on in Martial Arts

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Blaze Martial Arts, turning sixteen years old on the 11th June.

It's been an incredible, life changing journey. 

Not just for me, but for everyone involved.

Read how it all started and how Blaze Martial Arts has helped to change people's lives.

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How to pass your coloured belt grading

Posted on in Martial Arts

A coloured belt gradings is a simple stage check designed to ensure a student is ready to move that one step closer to their big day -- their BLACK BELT GRADING

If a student struggles through a coloured belt grading, they certainly won't pass a black belt grading.

As a Black Belt Grading costs around £200.00 and is SIX hours of non-stop, mentally and physically draining hard work we want to ensure that each and every student is on track to achieve their Black Belt when their big day arrives.

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