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The FAST diet

Posted on in Health

I think I've discovered the secret we're all looking for... how to eat whatever you want and actually LOSE weight!!!

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Training Suppliments

Posted on in Health

One of the other questions I get asked all of the time is 'what supplements should I be taking?'

To be honest, some people believe that if you eat a healthy well balanced diet that should suffice.

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Posted on in Health

Here's one for those of you looking to burn up some body fat before piling it all back on again over your summer holiday.

There are hundreds of different FAT burners on the market.

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The pill we've been searching for?

Posted on in Health

My latest find might be of interest to anyone that eats food.

Particularly 'fatty' food....

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Milk - the PERFECT supplement

Posted on in Health

If you’re serious about your training then you’ll know that post workout nutrition is crucial for recovery and rehydration.

However, the clever marketing bods that work in big supplement companies have had us believing for many years that the best thing to take after a heavy training session is a whey protein shake.

I’d like to challenge that....

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