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How to ensure you choose a GOOD martial art school

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There are a lot of great martial art schools out there but unfortunately there are also a great number of schools to avoid as well.

Unfortunately martial arts are one of the few sports, activities or hobbies that aren’t well regulated by any governing body and because of that, anyone can start a martial arts school -- whether they are qualified or not.

Much like the Rogue Traders we often hear about where trades people with no qualifications or experience charge for a service they are not actually in a position to provide.

It’s not uncommon in this day and age for martial art instructors to do the same, and when there’s no official body to check on them -- why not?

Particularly when there’s money to be made.

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How to add emotion to your training....

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A (very) quick look at how the difference between just 'Going through the MOTIONS of training' and adding 'EMOTIONS' to your training. 

Understanding the difference will change the way you train forever....

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The BOX (or SIDE) split stretch is not as difficult to achieve as you may think.

Follow Justyn's simple ten minute programme and in a short space of time you'll be pulling off a BOX split stretch with ease....

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This SIMPLE but incredibly effective training drill will help you to develop your balance and leg strength which in turn will MASSIVELY improve your kicking.

Do it EXACTLY as explained in the video.  Don't cheat and you'll be thundering out those multiple kicks in no time.

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The Importance of Commitment

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Commitment or rather... perseverance as it may also be referred to in this instance, is one of the major contributing factors to achieving success in any field.  Whether striving for a world title, looking to achieve your black belt or simply entering into any environment that involves us having to put ourselves out above and beyond the norm, involves a certain amount of commitment and perseverance.

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