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Training Drills Book

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Justyn Billingham's 3rd book - Signed Copy (please enter the persons name you would like it signed to in the 'Notes & Special Request' field during checkout)

Continual improvement of technique is a crucial part of a fighter’s success.

Good technique will turn a run-of-the-mill kick or punch into an effective attack against an opponent.

This book breaks down the key elements a fighter needs and provides a reference guide that will allow fighters to examine and refine each element of their training, to enable the student to perform to the best of their ability.

Speed, power, focus, targeting and timing are just a few of the elements that make up a good technique.

This book enables the reader to develop a clear understanding of how to develop each of these elements and then to combine them effectively for maximum impact against their opponent.

Each chapter focuses on a particular element, providing step-by-step photos and clear explanatory text for each drill.

The chapters progress logically from warm-up and stretching exercises through to basic and advanced fighting skills.

  • Helps to improve specific attack and defence skills such as speed, power, timing and precision
  • Concentrates on a fighters fitness, stamina and flexibility in order to enable better performance
  • The drills in each chapter are explained through clear step-by-step photography and text
  • Includes useful tips and checklists for the exercises to help avoid injury and to maximise drill effectiveness
  • Looks at both solo-training drills and partner-training drills

With over 500 full-colour photographs and detailed instructions from an acknowledged martial arts expert, this book is an invaluable reference for fighters and coaches in improving technique, and will help fighters to move to a higher level of fighting achievement.

 The Author

Justyn Billingham started training in taekwon-do at the age of fourteen, and whilst studying that art he also took up karate and kickboxing to further advance his training and widen his knowledge of the martial arts.

Over a period of twenty-seven years, he has achieved several dan grades including a 5th dan in kickboxing, and is currently a monthly columnist for Martial Arts Illustrated magazine.

Justyn has held various titles throughout his tournament years, representing England on two occasions, and is considered by many to be an authority on stretching and dynamic kicking.

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