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Martial Arts Products




Bad Breed Shin & Instep Guards

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Sales price: £48.56
Price with discount: £48.56
  • Description

Lightweight, hard wearing shin guards for long-lasting durability and unrestricted mobility.

High density foam with extra padding on the shin and instep, for enhanced shock absorption and rapid recovery after use.

Soft, non-abrasive inner lining moulds perfectly to your shin for extreme comfort. Two Velcro adjustable straps allowing a precise, customised fit and additional stability.

Elasticated closure under the foot and heel, keeping your shin guards firmly in place. Ideal for coaching and developing a fighter’s skill.

Designed for heavy sparring and training drills.

Made from premium synthetic leather.

  • sizechartshin


Product Size Chart

Small / Medium 29cm - 32cm
Large / X-Large 32cm - 35cm



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