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Martial Arts Products




Heavy Boxing trainer

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Sales price: £299.00
Price with discount: £299.00
  • Description
  • Designed for all martial art disciplines, this double-sided, durable, freestanding punch bag can withstand the most powerful punching combinations, kicks, knees and elbows.
  • Whilst one side is plain, the reverse includes strike points to improve speed, accuracy and footwork.
  • Extra padding at the base can be removed to reveal a flexible neck.
  • This flexible neck absorbs major impact when the bag is hit, ideal for reflexes, reactions and quick succession workouts.
  • Sold pre-filled with high impact foam. Base to be filled with water or sand for stability.
  • Made from a wipe clean vinyl.
  • 141cm high (166cm including base) and 123cm in circumference.

This is a bulky item so will therefore incur an additional cost of £8.95 on top of the standard delivery charge

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