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Kickboxing Tutorial



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Stretching should only be done after warming up correctly. All stretching routines should be done slowly and carefully to reduce the risk of injury. Stretch to the point where you can feel it but it is not painful. If you experience pain then you are more than likely stretching too hard. Follow the stretching routines in the same order as they appear in the programme

Never stretch using sudden or explosive movements.

Butterfly Stretch

Posted on in Stretching

This particular stretch is a good one for increasing flexibility in the adductor muscles in the hips which is crucial when performing kicks of a high level.

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Stretching out the ham strings

Posted on in Stretching

A vital stretch to increase flexibility in the muscles we use for most of our kicks.

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Preparing for the splits stretch

Posted on in Stretching

Move on to this stretch after you've completed all of the ham string stretches.

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Developing the Box Splits

Posted on in Stretching

The box split stretch is probably the most important when it comes to kicking.  Therefore, if you find yourself limited on time, or you are simply looking to focus more on a particular stretch, then the following sequence of stretching drills are probably the best ones to follow.

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