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Kickboxing Tutorial



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The following drills are only to be done if you have warmed up correctly. Conditioning drills help to strengthen your body and develop your core. They will also help to develop your stamina and fitness. Vary the number of exercises based on your level of fitness.

Beginner – between 5 and 10 of each exercise.

Intermediate – between 10 and 20 of each exercise.

Advanced – between 20 and 30 of each exercise.

Ensure you keep good technique and form throughout each stage of the exercise.

Push Ups

Posted on in Conditioning

A great exercise for developing upper body strength.

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Posted on in Conditioning

This exercise is designed to develop the abdominal region thus strengthening the core.

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Star Jumps

Posted on in Conditioning

Star jumps are excellent low intensity, total body conditioning exercises.

Last modified on


Posted on in Conditioning

The burpee is an incredible all over body conditioning exercise but due to the nature of it, it is not for the faint hearted.

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Alternate leg squat thrust

Posted on in Conditioning

This excercise will give you a real cardio pump.

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