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Posted on in Martial Arts
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Technique of the month January 2016

Welcome to my latest Blog ‘Developing The SPINNING Kicks’ -- as featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine

In this Master Class workshop we’ll look at taking your basic kicks to the next level.

Keep hold of these workshops so you have the complete kicking routine at the end.

In order to get the best out of your kicking, be sure to follow all the kicking drills that we’ll cover in this workshop.

If you miss any, simply contact me.

In this Blog we’re going to look at 'The Spinning Axe Kick'.

Make sure you warm up properly before you start.

The spinning axe kick is generally used for attacking either the front of the opponent in a downward manner or, if done correctly, due to the motion of the kick it can also be used to attack the opponent at an angle (as demonstrated in the ‘Martial Arts for Beginners -- The Kicking Series -- Pt 1The Basic Kicks’ eBook).

It is normally used for a high section attack (unless the opponent is bent over) and as such, flexibility is key with this technique.

The principles for the spinning axe kick are the same as for the static version and it is most effective when used to attack the blind side of an opponent.

As such it is a great technique to use against a fighter that prefers an opposite lead to yours or one that switches lead throughout the fight, as you no longer need to switch with them in order to attack their blind side.


 The striking part

The striking part for this version is the heel of the foot -- generally used for destruction.


Or the flat of the foot -- generally used for sparring



The Breakdown

  1. From your preferred stance


  1. Twist your feet in a clockwise motion so that your whole body now faces the other direction and your target is behind you. Be sure to look over your shoulder for focus at this point.


  1. As you start the momentum of the spin, lift your rear foot off the floor keeping your knee high to assist with the motion of the kick.


  1. Extend the leg as you continue the spin.


  1. And as you turn back round to face your opponent, drive the kick straight down in a vertical motion.



Hints & Tips

Due to the awkwardness of this kick, understanding the control required to bring the leg up, hold it and drive it down is paramount.

For speed purposes, keep the knee bent as you spin and only straighten it as you start the turn to face the opponent.

The kick needs to be at such a height that it will pass over your opponent’s shoulder as you spin, otherwise it’s likely to hit the shoulder or miss altogether if you are too far away.

Once you reach the centre line, stop the spin and drive the kick straight down.

The alternate to this is to change the angle of your hips slightly so that the kick now comes down at a slight angle with your target being the side of the face.

You will need to train this kick slowly at first to understand it, however, be careful with the spinning axe kick as it does need an incredible amount of speed, timing and training to actually work in a realistic situation.

Once you have this, however, it’s incredible!


Check out my YOUTUBE video to see this kick in action --

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