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How to hydrate properly when training

Due to the heat at the moment, it's a sensible thing to stay hydrated and this is incredibly important if you are training.

But what exactly do you drink?

Well water is fine if you're not planning on pushing yourself too hard or if you're only training for a short period of time (10, 20, 30 mins) as you probably won't burn up much of the fuel your body needs to run itself, but if you're planning on training HARD or are planning on training for a long duration of time (45+ mins) then you'll naturally burn up a lot of that fuel (esecially in the heat as you'll sweat more) and will consequently need to replace it.

And this is where those expensive and very cleverly marketed sports drinks come in, full of electrolytes and sugars (and chemicals and carbon dioxide and caffeine and 'E' numbers).


Save your money and instead mix pure fruit juice (full of natural sugars and electrolytes) with water to the ratio of 50:50 with an optional 1/4 teaspon of salt and this will do just as well as any sports drink, save you a small fortune and is a great deal healthier and better for you.


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