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Posted on in Martial Arts
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How to develop the BOX splits

“How do I develop the BOX splits?”

This is probably the one question that I am asked all the time and after twelve years of being constantly asked it, I’m very pleased to be able to finally tell you how....

In my new book ‘How to develop the BOX splits’ I explain exactly how I achieved my dream of a full, suspended BOX split with very little effort and reveal the very simple stretching principles that I developed which allowed me to do it.

And to prove it, that’s me on the front doing a suspended BOX split.

The best thing is it's not that hard or time consuming.  I developed my incredible level of flexibility by just doing the six simple stretching routines I show you in the book while the adverts were on the TV.

To promote its launch I’ve priced the book at just £1.99, which I think is a fair price when you consider that it’s my life’s work, it will massively improve your kicking ability (and possible even change your martial arts life), it WORKS and it costs less than a glass of wine.

Just click here to go straight to it.


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