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Help us achieve something incredible

It's always hard trying to get passionate about something that someone else is passionate about, when you're not. 

It happens to me a lot. 

I regularly get contacted by people and asked to donate to this, that or the other charity, event or great cause. 

I used to donate to everything. 

Mainly because I felt I should.

Because I didn't want to be THAT person that serves the local community but won't put their hand in their pocket when asked.

But it got too much. 

I didn't feel I should be contributing to help a teenager live their dream of seeing the world, so I came to terms with the fact that I couldn't help everyone.  None of us can.  And instead I decided to focus my efforts on helping people that CAN'T help themselves.

Each year we, at Blaze Martial Arts, do at least one big event for charity.  Over the twelve years we've been doing it, I'm very proud of the fact that we've helped to raise over a MILLION POUNDS for some great causes.  And a lot of those causes are very close to home.

But not everyone donates to our causes.  And I get that now.  Some people have their own causes they only donate to.  Some people don't want to part with their money.  Some people believe charity starts at home.  Some people can't be bothered.  And some people are just too tight.

And I get all that.

But there are some amazing people out there that will help others, and I'm very proud of the fact that a huge percentage of those people are all part of our little Blaze Martial Arts, kickboxing family.

At eleven o'clock on Saturday 10th May 2014, in Burghley, a team of ten Blaze Martial Art warriors will be be taking part in the largest assault course on Earth in an attempt to raise £1,000.00 for SPARKS, an amazing charity hat helps save children's lives.

And with only seven weeks out of our fourteen week training programme left things are getting tough.  Half the team are injured from over training.  Myself included.  Injury that is going to hold us back and hinder our chances of getting round the twenty mile course.

We've been unable to bond properly as a team because half us us can't train together due to work or other commitments.  Comradery, team work and bonding plays a huge part in an event like this.  Especially if we're all to get round the course together.

So it's going to be tough.

But you know what....

... No matter how tough it is for us.  It's NOTHING compared to how tough it is for the kids we're doing this for.  Kids that don't have the option of quitting if things get too hard because for them, quitting means dying. 

And so for that reason we keep going.  We find a way to get over the injuries.  To get past the lack of training time.  We find a way!

Stepping out of your front door at 8am on a Saturday morning and standing for five minutes just staring at the pouring rain, knowing that you're going to get cold, wet, muddy (so, so muddy) and it'll be at least two hours before you're back having a hot bath to help ease your aching muscles after a two hour boot camp from hell is just a small price to pay.

As I keep reminding the team...

"There's no way of cheating those twenty miles.  We've got to put the work in, no matter what"

Quitting isn't an option for us.

It's very easy for me to stand up in class or send an e-mail asking people to donate to our cause.  But when you're not passionate about it, why should you. 

Despite that though, we've already managed to raise over £700 and I can't thank everyone that has helped us raise that enough.  None of the team can.

So a HUGE thank you to all of you from the ten of us.

But know this....

... if just half of you donated just £1, we'd smash that target of £1,000.00

And who can't spare £1

After all it could be worse....

... you could be doing the event with us!

Or it could be your child who's life we may stand a chance of saving!

Check out a 20 second video clip of our latest bootcamp training session here

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