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Eat what you want and lose weight

I smiled to myself while casually reading all the false promises made by many of the popular ‘Health & Fitness’ magazines that line the shelves of a high street newsagent chain I recently found myself in.

Beach Body in just six weeks

20 minute Six Pack

Do these same training plans cater for the twenty stone, fifty inch waisted, kind of coach potato I wondered?

I doubt it.

The thing with these magazines is that they have to get people to buy them.  So every single month / week they have to keep telling us about the new and innovative ways of exercising and training to make the susceptible (and paying) public, think they’ve discovered something new.

They rarely do.

And I used to fall for it.

I’d spend my hard earned money in the hope that they had the magic formula that would turn me into a super athlete.

And y’know what….

… None of them did.

I realised after a while that the magic secret to everything is simply... common sense, determination, will power and perseverance.

Which brings me nicely onto my latest blog....

Eat What You Want & Lose Weight’.

The title might be a bit deceiving I admit, but no more so than the claims made by these magazines.

If it’s in a magazine, it must be true!

And above all, this blog you're reading now is FREE.


You CAN eat what you want and lose weight.

It does work.

I know because I’ve tested it on myself.

And a few students.

You see, I bought in to the 5:2 diet.

Watched the documentary on it.

Did my research.

Put it in to practice.

Saw the results.

And then wrote a blog about it.

I like to test these things on myself first.

But the truth be known, I used to HATE those fast days.

I’d wake up miserable.

And I’d stay miserable all day while sipping my soup and chowing my way through stir fried vegetables.

In fact, as with everything, if you don’t enjoy it, you stop doing it.

And so I eventually gave it up.

Now, I train a lot.

It’s my job.

And I do watch what I eat.

But I also love chocolate.

And lots of it.

So I noticed all that hard work I’d achieved slowly disappearing and the belt notch slowly expanding once more.

I’ve come to realise over the years that weight lose (or maintenance, rather) isn’t really a science.

In fact it’s quite simple ('common sense' you might say).

If you don’t burn off what you eat, you store it as fat.

I didn’t need to calorie count or monitor anything.

I was even able to stop using my body fat monitoring scales.

If my jeans felt tight, I was putting on weight.

If they felt loose, I was losing weight.

Simple really.

And then I got chatting to a student who was suddenly looking a lot more ‘athletic’ and I asked if he was taking any illegal substances.

He laughed and told me about a new diet he was on.  A unique and more enjoyable (and achievable) variation of the ‘Fast Diet’.

So I listened intently while he explained what he does.

And then I put it to the test.

And I watched in amazement as the body fat fell off me while at the same time I bulked up a little.

I dusted off my old body fat monitoring scales and stood opened mouthed as they showed (over a few weeks) a reduction from 12.6% body fat to 11.3% and then down to 10.6% then 10.2% then 9.8% then 9.6% and finally 9.4% body fat.

In fact I weighed myself again before finishing this blog.

Date: 22nd April

The date is important because it's the Tuesday after the Easter Monday.

It's also the Tuesday after having had two weeks of school holidays and going out, pretty much everyday, with the kids and eating kid friendly food -- burgers, chips, pudding (oh yeah -- pudding!)

And a few beers.

And it's also important because it's the very next day after staying for the bank holiday weekend with good friends and eating and drinking LOADS.

And I mean LOADS!

So, I employed the tactics told to me about this new way of eating.

And I've followed them religiously for the past two weeks as I knew I would be eating a little less 'clean' during this period.

And the result....

... 9.3% body fat.

I kid you not.


And, after spending the past two weeks eating and drinking whatever I wanted.

I don’t think I’ve been that low since I was a teenager.

And all the time I’ve been on this diet I’ve been training up for this mad, twenty mile, two hundred obstacle, assault course thing I’m doing on the 10th May.

It hasn’t hindered my training in anyway.

Bizarrely I’m finding myself getting stronger and fitter.

In fact, if nothing else, I think it’s giving me MORE energy – and I think there’s a reason for it as well (but it’s a bit too sciencey to explain).

And it's easy.

And it saves TIME and MONEY!

I mentioned the diet to a friend, who’s also a student.  He started it and lost half a stone in a few days.

He’s also doing the 10th May challenge with me.

So it works.

And I’m actually enjoying it – although it is a discipline.

But then it’s not as if I’m not used to discipline eh?!

And I can eat what I want.

But here’s the thing.

Yes, I can eat what I want, but here’s that common sense bit again.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that whatever you put in your body -- that’s what’s being absorbed into your body.

That’s what’s being used to fuel your body.

That’s what’s being used to repair your cells.


It’s very easy to live off processed food and crap, but it’s no good for you.

‘OH!’, I hear you shout. ‘You said I could eat what I want!’

Well, yes you can.

I still enjoy a beer.

But in moderation.

I said you could eat what you want but I didn't say you could eat LOADS of it!

Do that and you're on a way way trip to Heart Disease city.

Back to that magazine thing again eh?!

You can live off processed food, and probably still lose weight.

But not without paying a much bigger price.

Imagine putting chip fat in your Ferrari.

That's what you're doing to your body.

‘So stop rambling and tell me what to do!’

I love that.

I remember reading ‘The 4-hour body’ by Tim Ferris.  A great read for anyone that loves this kind of subject matter.

He said, that everyone who said to him….

‘Just tell me what I need to do and I'll just do it’


People need to take ownership.

So here’s the thing.

If you actually want to know what you have to do.

If you're really serious about starting this.

And if you're not daft enough to think that you can spend all day eating doughnuts and still lose weight.

And only if you think....

... no, KNOW, you have the determination to do it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and simply ask me and I’ll happily tell you -- for FREE

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