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Recent blog posts

The Importance of Commitment

Posted on in Featured

Commitment or rather... perseverance as it may also be referred to in this instance, is one of the major contributing factors to achieving success in any field.  Whether striving for a world title, looking to achieve your black belt or simply entering into any environment that involves us having to put ourselves out above and beyond the norm, involves a certain amount of commitment and perseverance.

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The Breakfast Myth

Posted on in Miscellaneous

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

You've probably heard it all before but perhaps you don't really know why.  So I'll tell you....

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Milk - the PERFECT supplement

Posted on in Health

If you’re serious about your training then you’ll know that post workout nutrition is crucial for recovery and rehydration.

However, the clever marketing bods that work in big supplement companies have had us believing for many years that the best thing to take after a heavy training session is a whey protein shake.

I’d like to challenge that....

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Caffeine – our misunderstood friend

Posted on in Health

Here's something to help kick-start your day....

Caffeine has had some bad press over the years but in this latest blog I'm going to tell you why you should make a few cups of coffee a staple part of your daily diet.  Particularly if you want to lose weight, strip away fat and supercharge your training....
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Training with a cold

Posted on in Health

One of the things I see a lot, are people training when they are ill.

The old school mentality of 'I'll sweat it out' still seems to be quite popular and you'd be forgiven for thinking that this would work.  However, you couldn't be more wrong.  In fact, this way of thinking could actually make your condition a lot worse.

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