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Recent blog posts

Kickboxing: from Beginner to Black Belt

Posted on in Martial Arts

I'm very pleased to announce the launch of my kickboxing book ' Kickboxing: from Beginner to Black Belt'.
Designed to take the student through the various levels of kickboxing training, from the very early stages right through to black belt, this fascinating book is an ideal aid for anyone wanting to train in the comfort of their own home...

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Training Suppliments

Posted on in Health

One of the other questions I get asked all of the time is 'what supplements should I be taking?'

To be honest, some people believe that if you eat a healthy well balanced diet that should suffice.

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How to turn a negative into a positive

Posted on in Miscellaneous

WACK -- my nose exploded. Blood splattered all over my face. All over my brand new jacket.

‘I say again. You give me money!’

Panic hit as hard as his punch. ‘I told you, I don’t have any’.

He knew I was lying.

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The pill we've been searching for?

Posted on in Health

My latest find might be of interest to anyone that eats food.

Particularly 'fatty' food....

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Something to think about

Posted on in Miscellaneous

We recently received a call from a woman. The conversation went something like this….

Me -- Good morning, Blaze Martial Arts.

Woman -- How much do you charge?

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